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How To Install Your Acrylic CPR Sign

Step 1. Identify the best position within your pool for your CPR sign. the CPR sign must be attached to the pool fence or barrier, or somewhere near the pool so it is obvious and visible to anyone around the pool.  Think about putting your CPR sign closest to where you might retrieve a person from a pool to perform CPR. The sign may be best placed near the shallow end of the pool or near the steps.

Step 2. Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust, oil or other surface contaminants. Wipe the surface clean using warm soapy water. Ensure the surface is dry before continuing.

Step 3. Using a spirit level to ensure the sign is level. Attach the sign using either of the following methods

  • Attach the sign using a neutral cure silicon polyurethane adhesive.
  • Attach the sign with screws by drilling holes through the sign. Start with a smaller hole and gradually increase the size of the hole until the desired size is reached being careful not to crack the acrylic.

Step 4. Remove the clear protective film over the front of the sign.  

Warning: Do not use liquid nails or other solvent-based adhesives.

Acrylic CPR sign