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Pool Safety Certificates and Inspections

Pool Safety Certificate

If you are selling or leasing a property with a pool, you may need to provide a pool safety certificate. Our swimming pool inspection service has no hidden costs. We provide a pool safety certificate with inspection for the one fee of $189; this includes the government charges for the pool safety certificate. Then, if you need it, your first reinspection will be conducted free of charge. Additional inspections are at a flat rate of $99 per inspection. This is the service you require when you need the form 23 for your contract of sale.

Selling your property without a pool safety certificate

When you sell a property without a pool safety certificate, you are required to provide the buyer with Form 36 – Notice of no pool safety certificate before entering into a contract of sale. Even if you are giving notice of no certificate, you must still make sure that your pool is compliant. If you do not, the local government may take enforcement action against you. When no pool safety certificate is provided, the property buyer must obtain a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement. Our pool inspectors are always available if you would like to know more. 


Pool Safety Certificate Register

The pool safety certificate register is available to view on the QBCC website. This register keeps track of all regulated swimming pools and spas in Queensland, as well as whether a safety certificate or a building certificate has been issued. If your pool is not listed in the register, Brisbane Pool Safety will register it on your behalf. We will also add any additional pools or spas that we identify during the inspection. It is important to ensure your pool is registered in order to maintain compliance with Queensland’s pool safety laws. 

New Pool Builds

New pool builds can only be inspected by a building certifier. The building certifier will issue a building certificate that can be used in place of a pool safety inspector-issued certificate. Brisbane Pool Safety recommends Capital Building Approvals for this service. 

Pool Safety Certificates’ expiration date

Pool safety certificates for private pools are valid for two-years and shared pools have a one-year expiration date.

Displaying of Safety Certificates

As a shared pool owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pool is safe for everyone who uses it. This includes displaying a current pool safety certificate near the main entrance or gate of the premises. By displaying this certificate, you are informing all visitors that the pool meets the requirements of the relevant regulations and laws. Not only does this provide peace of mind to those using your pool, but it also ensures that you are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Private pools are not required to display a safety certificate.

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