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Pool safety inspectors have 2 business days to issue the safety certificate. If your pool meets the standard, Brisbane Pool Safety will have your certificate to you the same day of the pool inspection.

Most issues encountered during the pool compliance inspection can be fixed on the spot. If it is an issue that cannot be fixed on the spot our inspector will issue you a non-compliance notification. Do not be concerned as the non-compliance notification identifies the areas that need to be fixed. From the date of issue, you will have 90 days to complete the rectification activities and book in for me to conduct a re-inspection. If you do not request a re-inspection, our inspector is legally required to notify the local government of a non-compliant pool.

A pool safety certificate is valid for 2 years for a private home, non-shared pool. For shared pools such as resorts and unit blocks the pool safety certificate is valid for 1 year.

Our Pool Inspectors are available 7 days a week including public holidays and will work in almost all-weather conditions. We also do not just work 9 to 5 and can fit into your schedule.

Our Pool Inspector has several areas that need to be checked to certify that a swimming pool meets the standard. Those include the gates, fence height, gaps between fences railing and the strength and rigidity of the fence. Our inspector also checks the CPR sign for condition, position within the pool enclosure and that it displays the correct information.

Payment can be made on the day via card, cash, or if you prefer direct deposit or PayID.

We carry out inspections on spas, inground pools, above ground pools, plunge pools and indoor pools. In exceedingly rare cases our inspectors have even been asked to inspect a wading pool. 

If you can fill the water to a depth of 300mm or more the wading pool needs to be registered and meet the swimming pool compliance standards.

Yes, our Inspector will need to attend to the property. The inspection process includes taking several measurements as well as testing the operation of gates and the integrity of the barrier.

Yes. All pools in Queensland need to be registered and we can check on your behalf if your swimming pool has been registered. This is a service that we carry out for free and will conduct before all swimming pool safety inspections.

The pool owner or landlord is responsible to make sure the pool fence complies and meets the pool safety standard. You must ensure that you do not compromise the integrity of the fence by placing an object such as chairs or pot plants too close to the fence. If you believe you have an issue with the safety of the swimming pool the first person you should contact is your real estate agent or landlord. They will engage with a swimming pool certifier if required.

Yes. You can carry out a self-assessment which is available on the QBCC website. This is a free interactive service that will give you an indication as to the status of your swimming pool.

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