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60 Degree Wedges

You may have been given a report by your pool safety inspector listing a requirement to add 60-degree wedges to your fence. Wedges are required to ensure no footholds or handholds are within the non-climbable zone. When fitted correctly, a 60-degree wedge makes the horizontal rails non-climbable. In the past, we used timber fillets to fill this gap, and generally, the quality of the fillets has been of a poor standard. The team at Climb Stop have developed a great product as an alternative to those unsightly and, at times, non-compliant timber wedges. They have created an easily fitted wedge that the average DIY person can install. Climb Stop works by attaching to the fence’s horizontal rails, helping prevent a child from gaining a hand or foothold to climb or jump over your fence.

We regularly encounter timber wedges that have deteriorated over time, bow out of shape and make your pool non-compliant with the pool safety standards. If this has occurred, we recommend that you remove the timber wedges and replace them with Climb Stop. This may be a more attractive option when you must fit wedges on your neighbour’s side of the fence. 

Climb Stop is easy to install with hand tools. You will need a screwdriver or power drill with a phillips head bit. Hack saw or grinder with cutting disc, tape measure and pencil. You can view the install instructions here or watch a how-to on YouTube.

Another use for Climb Stop is to make it harder for your dog to jump your fence. When fitted to your timber boundary fence, Climb Stop will create a non-climbable surface that will make it harder for your dog to get out of your yard. Your dog will find it difficult to grip the slippery surface of the Climb Stop wedge. 

Climb Stop is made locally in Brisbane and can be ordered directly from or have it fitted by Brisbane Pool Safety during your pool safety inspection. Larger installs will require an additional booking.